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Building Design in private Spaces

Most of the tile mosaics are made in my studio in Ratingen. They are glued to a reinforcement net and later attached to the wall, floor or ceiling. The finished mosaic is ready for the customer within a few hours.

sehnsucht nach usedom.JPG
sehnsucht nach usedom2.JPG

Sehnsucht nach Usedom -

Longing for Usedom

Wall design, 2017


The longing for his holiday home on Usedom was the motivation of the client to create this extraordinary mosaic work in his home garden.

sehnsucht nach usedom1.JPG

Wall design, 2017


Minke has been supplying orthopedic supplies for over 100 years. This mosaic was created in memory of the 4th generation of orthopedic shoemaker Schmitz. The specialist trade for orthopedic shoes is still in Ratingen today to find.


Counter design in a shop

Tiles and natural stones were used in the design.

Bathroom design

The mosaic was glued to a net in the studio and could then be installed in a bathroom in a holiday home on Norderney in just a few hours.



Whether integrated as a mirror in the wall or as a mirror image. The mirror elements consist of mirrors, tiles and colored paints.

bathroom design

Tiles were predominantly used in the design. The few natural stones form a line between the colored and white tiles.

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